Kathleen Ellis: Presentation Skills Trainer and                   Public Speaking Coach

I started Alchemy to help people get great jobs and move up the career ladder. Too often I’ve watched less qualified candidates get promotions or higher paying positions because of the way they present themselves. Dynamic speakers get noticed!

In my professional work I find that the best public speaking tips and presentation skills techniques only work when people “own” them. But so many obstacles get in the way, in particular anxiety and public speaking and lack of specific feedback. After all, how are you supposed to improve if you don’t know what to improve?

Yale School of Management

In addition to my work with Alchemy, I was a coach in the Communications Center at the Yale School of Management, working with MBA students from all over the world, with various levels of experiences, on both oral and written communications skills, including public speaking, presentation skills, media training, job interviewing, resumes, and cover letters. I conduct workshops in public speaking, presentation skills, and email writing for business. Current projects include preparing Yale School of Economics Ph.D. graduates for interview presentations, and coaching graduate students at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in persuasive communication strategies.

Business Consulting

In previous career lifetimes, I was a partner in a business consulting company specializing in communication and staff development. I’ve led trainings in leadership styles, interpersonal communication, teambuilding, conflict management, performance appraisal systems, time management, and business writing.

Teaching and Writing

In addition, my work as a college teacher and professional writer pushed me to develop excellent copywriting skills as well as refine my ability to inform and entertain an audience. There’s no more critical audience than a classroom of students! I was assistant professor in the management degree program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, where I taught composition, business writing, and senior thesis classes, helping students write business plans for restaurant start-ups as well as research papers on current management and leadership theory.

Conferences and Presentations

Along the way I’ve presented seminars and papers at conferences around the country and internationally, including Performing the World 3—The Performance of Creativity and the Creativity of Performance; the International Language and Literacy Conference, Bordeaux, France; National Council for the Teachers of English national convention; Institute for the Study of Postsecondary Pedagogy, The State University of New York at New Paltz; and local community colleges. A chapter I wrote on Fay Weldon for Modern British Women Writers, was published by Greenwood Press. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and an MAT in English.

Theater Techniques: The Play’s the Thing

In my work with presentation skills I draw deeply on my training and experiences in theater. As a student of acting in New York City, I performed in a number of productions there. And in my years in academia and the business world I became convinced that every presentation is part theater—a great script, preparation, and being in the moment with your audience are the keys to success, whether the occasion is a play, an interview, or a speech.

But you don’t have to be an actor to be an effective communicator! I’ll work with you to identify your unique strengths and  weaknesses and learn strategies to minimize what doesn’t work while enhancing what does. Most importantly, I’ll help you become comfortable being in front of a group. Imagine your career accelerating when you have the skills and confidence of a dynamic speaker!

I’d love to help you transform how you present yourself! Contact me today for more information.