Interview Magic, 2nd edition. Susan Britton Whitcomb. Jist Works, 2008.
Resume Magic, 4th edition. Susan Britton Whitcomb. Jist Works, 2010.
Cover Letter Magic, 4th edition. Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark. Jist Works, 2010.
The troika of fabulous advice! These books never leave my desk because I consult them so often.

Brag! The Art of Tooting your Own Horn without blowing It. Peggy Klaus. Warner  Business Books, 2003.
I recommend this book to everyone who thinks that talking about how good they are at what they do is bragging.

Negotiating your Salary, 6th edition. Jack Chapman. Ten Speed Press, 2008.
Chapman lays out the how, what, where, and when of the dreaded salary negotiation process.

Winning Body Language. Mark Bowden. McGraw Hill, 2010.
I love this book! Combines Eastern and Western thought and strategies.

Trust Me. Nick Morgan. Jossey-Bass, 2009.
In simple steps Morgan shows us how to align our verbal and nonverbal conversations to create authenticity.

Give Your Speech, Change the World. Nick Morgan. Harvard Business School Press, 2005
Great advice on preparing and organizing content, analyzing the audience, overcoming nervousness, and delivering the speech.

How To Say It for Women. Phyllis Mindell. Prentice Hall, 2001.
Let’s face it—communicating in the workplace is not the same for women and men. This book fills the gap with lots of specific, easy-to-use techniques women can use to communicate with more confidence and power in both writing and speaking, in front of a group or one-on-one.

The Alchemy of Voice. Stewart Pearce. Hodder and Stoughton, 2005.
I don’t just like this book because of the name! Pearce presents a simple system of freeing the voice that you can start to use immediately. And there are some lovely meditations on colors and voice.

Vocal Arts Workbook and DVD. David Carey and Rebecca Clark Carey. Methuen, 2008.
Lots of clear descriptions of how the voice works and a lot of excellent exercises for relaxing the body and aligning the breath with the voice.

The Complete Voice & Speech Workout. Janet Rodgers, editor. Applause, 2002.
74 Exercise from the voice and speech teachers around the world to help you create your own vocal warm up.

Louder than Words. Joe Navarro. Harper Business, 2010.
An ex-FBI specialist on body language, Navarro lays out all the dos and don’ts of nonverbal communication.