What do I do as a copyeditor?

  • See the forest and the trees.
  • Create order from chaos.
  • Tie all the threads together in a coherent whole.
  • Shape and prune your prose if needed.
  • Fix all the grammar errors.

Why do you need a copyeditor?
Every writer needs an objective eye. We all get too close to our subject and begin to lose perspective. (And we all resist hearing that one of our favorite passages might be better dispatched to our “leftovers” file!)

First, I read your text for sense and coherence. What is your main message? Are you getting it across? Is it clear and compelling? Is your voice on the mark for the subject? Based on whether you want me to do light or heavy editing, I either call your attention to areas that need more clarity or organization or restructure sections myself.

Next, I look at awkward or confusing sentences and apply some judicious pruning and rearranging. Again, depending on the level of editing you choose, I revise sentences to make sure they’re as clear and graceful as possible. Every change is based on how to best retain the integrity of your voice.

I correlate parts, making sure footnotes, tables, appendices, and so forth are all in order and done correctly.

And, of course, grammar. A catch-all word we use to include the intricacies of punctuation, usage, spelling, diction, and syntax. I look at every word and punctuation mark to make sure they’re correct and conform to the style guide you’re using.

The End Product
Your voice, your message, clearly organized and written so that your readers get it.

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