ALCHEMY Job Interview Coaching

  • Prepare concise, compelling stories that highlight your unique skills and strengths
  • Use voice and body language to convey the right image
  • Practice until your confidence and professionalism make you stand out as the best person for the job.

Onsite or Online
Depending on where you live and your work schedule, Job Interview Coaching can be done online or onsite. During the pandemic I’m conducting all sessions via Zoom or any videoconferencing platform you are comfortable with.

What’s behavior-based interviewing?
Most companies now use some form of behavior-based interviewing techniques. You’ll be asked to demonstrate your competencies and behaviors by describing in detail how you performed certain tasks and solved problems in your previous jobs. You’ll also be asked how you would respond to hypothetical situations in the future. Additional questions are often asked to probe more deeply into your critical thinking skills and thought processes.

The best way to excel during these kinds of interviews is practice, practice, practice! Most people find the 2-session package works best:

  • Session 1: In this 1-hour session we’ll develop answers to the key interview questions you’ll most likely encounter, highlighting your accomplishments in relation to the job description. We’ll also discuss strategies for voice and body language as well as for other issues like salary and asking questions.
  • Session 2: This 1-hour session will be conducted as a mock interview, followed by a debriefing to fine tune answers.

Are you ready to hone your skills and gain the confidence you need to ace the next interview? Contact ALCHEMY today for more information.