A typical one-hour presentation skills
training session:

  1. You deliver your presentation or practice answering interview questions while I watch and record onsite, or watch on Skype or by video conference if we’re working online.
  2. I critique your presentation, offering strategies to improve your performance in specific areas such as vocal image, body language, and content.
  3. You have the opportunity to practice these techniques, and then deliver the presentation again, incorporating the new learning.

Of course every person has his or her own learning curve, but most people find that the first session gives them a broad overview of their strengths and weaknesses.

Subsequent sessions allow clients to refine their public speaking and interview techniques and develop a level of confidence and enthusiasm that infuses every presentation they make.

Most importantly, I help people get comfortable with being in front of people. Just think how your career can take off when you have the skills and confidence of a dynamic speaker!


ALCHEMY fee scale ranges from $125-$250 per hour depending on travel, preparation time, and type of business. Specially priced packages are also available.

For more information on pricing and how you can work either onsite or online, contact ALCHEMY today.