Public Speaking Training, Job Interview Preparation
and Media Interview Training

Onsite or Online!

I work with people across the US and internationally, either onsite, online, or on the phone. With technology like Skype, video conferencing, and desktop sharing, you can get effective presentation skills training no matter where you live.

ALCHEMY offers 4 training options: Onsite, Online, Telephone, and Prerecorded Video Critiques.

One-on-One Training

  • Whether you’re a business professional or academic, ALCHEMY can help you overcome your public speaking anxiety. You’ll receive specific feedback and strategies to help you prepare for your next presentation or interview or gain the confidence to answer questions and contribute during meetings or networking events.
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Large or Small Group Workshops and Trainings

  • For businesses and organizations looking to deliver effective presentation skills training, ALCHEMY can provide half-day and full-day formats built around education days or retreats.
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  • Online presentation skills training is generally done one-on-one. Or, small groups can be accommodated using video conferencing.
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Pre-recorded Video Critiques

  • If you’ve already recorded a presentation or interview, simply go to my website and click on the “SendThisFile” button at the bottom of my homepage. It only takes a few steps to send me your file (in any format), at no charge to you.
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Theater Techniques
In my work I draw heavily on my training and experiences in theater. Every presentation is part theater, whether it’s a team report, a job interview, or a speech to hundreds.
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For more information on how you can work either onsite or distance, contact ALCHEMY today.